Friday, March 27, 2009

What defines a person?

I've often pondered this.

Now, while I studied philosophy, I'm no Plato ("NOOO! Really?").
And, besides, this blog really isn't for forum for delving into discussions about the soul and the brain, or the date at which a bunch of cells becomes human.
Yeah, I'm going to relate this to employment again.
You see, in my last job, I reckon I was perceived as somewhat of an introvert. I think it was possibly a perception picked up by the role I had (I work with a lot of stats, I was considered an 'expert' in an area, there were lots of big personalities all around).
In my current job, there's no way anyone sane could even consider it - such a loud, brash, opinionated show-off I am. Ok, maybe not that bad, but I definitely walk around the place, look for a bit of banter, and let people know I'm there - I draw the line at kissing babies.
So what's brought about this change in perception? I'm still that same. Aren't I?
Maybe I'm not.
Maybe this fantastic country that has given me such a wonderful lifestyle has shaped my personality. Perhaps the practical optimism inherent in the people here brings different parts of my psyche to the forefront. Perhaps a landscape and a people have shaped the way I behave and the way people perceive me.
Or maybe it's the culcha of stra'ya that just means I fit in a bit better.
Best stay put then.

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