Thursday, March 12, 2009


While we're on the topic of working for the security services, how about this for a bizarre case of alleged discrimination?

The chap in the picture is suing Mi5 in the UK for not giving him a job, on the basis that he is partly paralysed.

Before I get on my high horse, I have a fair amount of sympathy for this guy's plight. He's obviously had a torrid time, and I'm sure if he was in good health, he would have been seriously considered.

But then, he didn't apply for the job when he was in good health.

He's applied for the job now that he can't meet one of the basic requirements.

In fact, his health must be so bad that I assume he cannot perform his former job of a bus driver. But he thinks it reasonable that, now he cannot be relied upon to drive a bus to get people to work on time, he should be entrusted with an integral part of the security of the United Kingdom.

Now, I know a bit about this role. And I know that driving is a really, really key part of it. I'm sure you could take public transport sometimes, but this wouldn't really work if you had to tail someone all day and hang around in various places watching - and this all had to be kept secret.

I've read up on his condition, and it seems that for most people the symptoms are temporary. I sincerely hope the same for Mr. Suleman. I am only disappointed that the publicity he has generated will now rule him out when the job applications open again - because I am certain a man of such passion would clearly have tried again when he was better.

While we wait and see, my next job application: professional footballer. And, by jeesus, if Manchester United discriminate against me for my lack of balls skills, dodgy knee, and disregard for the offside rule, then there'll be hell to pay.


  1. But I'm sure MI5 could've found SOMETHING for this passionate yet physically challenged individual to do within the organisation... Even if his disability is ruled out for spy-work, SOMEONE has to do the paperwork and invent impossibly cool spy gadgets!

    It's all about giving people like this chap a "fair go", don't you think?

  2. Hi Kylie, I couldn't agree more. People like Mr Suleman deserve a fair go.

    But even if he were the greatest paper juggler in history, you've surely got to question his judgement. It's kinda important at the MI5.


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