Monday, July 6, 2009

Social media disaster

You know those times when you think back over the course of a foggy, grog-fuelled evening, and you remember something really embarrassing you said?

One second you're sitting there merrily chomping on your cornflakes, the next a sticky hot wave courses up your spine until it reaches your ears, causing your neck muscles to weaken lowering your forehead into your sweaty palms. Your shoulders hunch, your dog leaves your side and the walls surrounding you solemnly shake their heads at you - you stupid, stupid stupid idiot.

Well that's what I felt like when I saw this attempt at Social Media Marketing by Pepsi Max, seemingly in cohorts with Microsoft/MSN.

It's as if the entire strategy was dreamed up on one of those embarrassing drunken nights - but no one thought to put up their hand and say that it should have stayed there.

Ok, maybe that's taking it too far - but, look, if you're going to take Holly Valance and allow free reign on the comments section, some hormonal teens are going to say whatever first springs to mind about a woman who seemingly appeared naked in her first music video. Isn't it inevitable that someone's going to spring up and start talking about 'huge ball syndrome'. Look at the images below to see what I mean.

(And I mean, a website that offers you tips on how to take a sickie or surf the net all day at work is really asking for a kicking. As one user so aptly put it, 'I would urge all Pepsi Max and MSN employees to use these tips... you will be getting fired.' A website for pricks.)