Sunday, March 1, 2009


Hello dear visitor,

This posting is my first foray into the online blogosphere. In the coming months and years, I intend this blog to be a celebration of creativity.

Not necessarily my creativity, per se. B
ut the stuff I see and hear all around me.

You see, I work at an advertising agency that specialises in the rather dry-sounding realm of employer marketing. For many readers, this concept will be as alien to you as the contents of my wardrobe. But, believe me, I work with a hell of a lot of creative minds - and I see ideas that fly like an eagle.

I also see ideas that fly like a dodo, and I look forward to giving my opinion on those too.

In essence, employment marketing is all about employers attracting, engaging and retaining more of the right people. This can help them grow; it certainly makes them more profitable and effective.

Some of the employers I work with have long-term branding strategies. Some focus on consistently fresh initiatives to keep talent motivated. Some just want to plan their next trip to Bolivia, so can't we just get on with it without always asking for their feedback.

In this blog, I'll discuss all of this. And a whole lot more.

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