Thursday, March 12, 2009

Grad recruitment kicks off

A number of our clients are doing the rounds at the graduate recruitment fairs right now.

I love grads almost as much as I envy them. Imagine, having all that freedom to think, create and... err... drink and party. Now they have to talk to prospective employers to find out what kind of work they could do, what would interest them, what's the most rewarding way to use their skills.... which employers have a beer fridge (tick).

Even in the current climate, it's still competitive. Sure, there are plenty of grads out there, but employers are after ones with specific skills that match the needs of their organisation - and matching values come high up.'

Take a look at this grad recruiter, different from most, and trying to make the point that a job with their organisation isn't exactly what you might think.

What's that ASIO doesn't just recruit spies?

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