Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Recruitment Advertising Agencies promoting creativity

It's great to see a recruitment advertising agency bite the bullet and take a chance on a cheeky campaign. I've worked at many, and god knows how many good marketing ideas I've seen shot down due to senior management conservative rationales.

But TMP Sydney clearly have decided to take a chance. They are running a tongue-in-cheek campaign to give away one of their industry awards on eBay to make room in their cabinet for this year's expected haul. There's also a campaign site that allows individuals to create their own FEMA.

It's a shade arrogant and will no doubt get a few competitors up in arms, but it's clearly tongue-in-cheek and I assume there will be plenty of egg-in-your-face jokes if the rewards don't roll in September's Fairfax Employment Marketing Awards (FEMAs).

Now, admittedly I work for TMP - so not only is my money on the awards rolling in, I'm also not wholly impartial. Wholly? Who am I kidding. I'm really proud to see us having a bit of a laugh at the culmination of what has been a very tough nine months. Plus I think the idea's a cracker.

But what do you think? Have TMP gone too far?


  1. Love the idea and execution. I noticed a few other agencies on twitter 'up in arms' but hey, thats competition.

  2. @Thomas Shaw - thanks for the positive feedback. Just goes to show you can't please everyone.

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